Terms and conditions

  1. This pass can only be purchased by non-resident tourists visiting Okinawa who are here for short-term sightseeing purposes.
  2. When purchasing this pass, your passport (or government-approved document indicating “Temporary Visitor”), ID, a document to show non-resident status in Okinawa, and/or a return air ticket may be required.
  3. With this pass, you can hop on and hop off- as many times as you want-any bus operated by Ryukyu Bus, Naha Bus, Okinawa Bus, and Toyo Bus (except for No. 111, No. 117, airport limousine buses and scheduled tour buses.)
  4. When you use the Yui Rail (monorail) 1-day pass, the terms and conditions of Okinawa Urban Monorail, Inc. will apply.
  5. When you ride the monorail using the Bus and Monorail Pass, please show this pass with the date(s) scratched out and get a separate monorail pass at the station. You may obtain the Yui Rail (monorail) pass one week before you wish to use it. Please do not detach the triangular tab on the corner of the pass as the monorail station staff will collect this when you exchange it for a monorail pass. One pass will be exchanged for one monorail pass and the pass is valid for one person.
  6. This pass does not guarantee seating.
  7. This pass cannot be exchanged for other passes or transportation tickets. The validation period cannot be changed once decided.
  8. Other discounts do not apply with this pass.
  9. We do not reissue the pass in case of loss (including theft).
  10. We do not refund, reissue, or extend the validation date.
  11. If the bus and monorail system are out of service for the whole day due to weather conditions such as typhoons, we will offer a refund or reissue unused passes at specified locations. For further information, please visit our official website.
  12. If you purchase the pass outside of Okinawa or on the internet, follow the instructions of the supplier.
  13. For reasons other than those stated above, a refund or reissue may be permitted at the discretion of the supplier. In that case, 10% of the sales price (in Japanese yen) of the pass will be deducted as a handling fee and the rest will be returned.
  14. Please note that sales of this pass may be stopped temporarily in the case of bad weather that may result in transportation being out of service.
  15. We do not compensate for any extra travel or accommodation cost caused by the bus or monorail service being out of service.
  16. Misuse of this pass or violation of the terms and conditions of the pass, of related travel companies’ regulations, or of the general conditions of carriage may result in invalidation of the pass and being charged double the cost of the pass.
  17. The terms and conditions of this pass are written in Japanese, and the text of the Japanese version shall be given priority in interpretation in the event of questions regarding terms and conditions.Above content is accurate as of April 2019. Please note that there may be changes. For further information, please visit our official website.
  18. When using this pass, you must obey the terms and conditions stated above, the regulations set by related traveling companies, and the laws of Japan.

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