Fare guide

Take a tour with Okinawa Bus! / Take a tour with Okinawa Bus Pass and Yui Rail!
  • *1: The “Plus” pass’ monorail ticket is treated as a one day pass.
  • *2: We define children as the ages from 6 to under 12. For children under 5, one may travel for free per passenger over the age of 6 years. However, the second child must pay a children’s fare.
  • *Does not include buses that pass the highway such as limousine buses, line No. 111 and No.117, and regular sightseeing buses.
  • *Not available to residents of Okinawa

Using the bus pass

Leaflet image
Use a coin or something similar to scrape the sheets for the date you ride, and show to the staff. When using Yui Rail, show the pass to the station’s staff at the gate.

The pass cannot be refunded, reissued, or to extend the available period.

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